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by Dog Island

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released June 2, 2017

Written, performed, recorded, & mixed by Dave Hanson

Mastered by Jordan Schwaller ( for mastering inquiries)

Cover art by Hannah Spector (

Released via Glad School



all rights reserved


Dog Island

tropidelic psyfolk from cenFLA

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SEPT 1 @ Uncle Lou's Orlando

SEPT 16 @ Body//Talk at Vinyl Arts Bar

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Release via Glad School:

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Track Name: El Dorado
Captain Cacambo, what is this we've come across?
I'd be content to leave our canoe dashed on the rocks, even though
cold Corcovado's casted shadow blinds the valley's strangers
with no motion left but forward through the darkened day's remainder
But if we don't meet upon agreeable things
At least we'll agree to meet upon something new

When the horses died we tied a sail up with a broken stirrup
You tongue turned native, mine was trapped back home in Western Europe
What riches pave these streets with emeralds shining gold and green
Between borrowed sheets of hummingbird and these plates of parakeet
These new locations get me dizzy again
I just want to wake up to another one and continue the spin

Oh, you'd never know
What kindness you could find
Between the mountainsides
do the peaks there hold my queen?
Or at least
A little mercy for a thief
Whose broken aim has scattered arrows at my feet
But every shot in the dark someday finds a target
And I've slept on sinking ships
With lost cargo found adrift
I'll let El Dorado hold my head

What now Cacambo? Should we draw lines between the stars?
We'd make our way before the heavens get too far and find
Golden days fallin' like rain into your hooded sweatshirt
Golden days fallin' like rain in an ancient forest winter

What now Cacambo? the world spins between my eyes
And you likely have some fair one back home
for whom you still sigh
Memories pave these dreams with never ending farewell scenes
Traded one by one for miles til we reach the Spanish Sea
where these constellations get me dizzy again
I just wanna stare up to another one and continue the spin

Oh you'd never know
What kindness you could buy
To bribe the lock to turn on the cell that holds my queen
All at once
Or else never at all
But no sight is dear enough to steer us home before she's set free
And every shot in the dark someday finds a target
And I'd sail on sinking ships
Leave the cargo all adrift
to find El Dorado in your eyes